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Moose the Worry Mutt brings calm to the classroom

A huggable Labrador helps 2nd grade students at Parish learn how to deal with stress and anxiety.

A loveable chocolate lab that produces “oohs and aahs” wherever he goes parked his paws at Parish Episcopal School on November 12. Moose stopped by the Hillcrest campus with his friend Jaime Crowley, PhD, to visit with the 2nd grade class. Crowley is the author of Moose the Worry Mutt Goes to Doggie Daycare, a therapeutic children’s book based on her anxious but affable Labrador. Dr. Crowley, a Dallas-based licensed psychologist, used Moose’s relatable adventures to talk to students about anxiety. She taught Parish students how to identify their worried thoughts and “bark back” at them. With illustrations from the book and a therapeutic worksheet, she also showed children how to turn worried thoughts into brave ones by using stress management tools. In the book, Moose has to overcome his many worries about starting a new doggie daycare. While Fret the Fleas whispers negative thoughts into Moose’s ear, a positive influence shows up to rival meddlesome Fret. Moose learns to change his thoughts and how to run with the big dogs. Parish 2nd graders enjoyed the bright illustrations and lovable characters; they especially liked meeting and petting the real Moose.

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