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Community Service

As an Episcopal school dedicated to respecting the dignity of every human being, Parish strives to empower students to become globally minded servant leaders. As servant leaders, students build relationships with the local and broader community in order to expand their responsibility as citizens and make a difference in the lives of others.

Community service is an integral part of our curricula from Lower School through Upper School, with age-appropriate yet far-reaching programs that instill selfless thinking, giving and action.

In addition to on-campus activities, the majority of students will have school day experiences that include local trips within the greater Dallas community to expose students to experts and institutions that offer valuable information as well as opportunities for leadership and service activities.

ParishServes (All School)

ParishServes, the only school-wide, school-supported community outreach program at Parish, is a program designed for our School to help other deserving schools, groups and organizations in the DFW community and beyond.

ParishServes supports projects such as art supply drives, food drives, donation drives, and so much more.

Read about some of the 2015-16 projects to see how our community got involved.

Lower School (PreK - 4th Grade)

A child is never too young to learn to reach out to others through their caring efforts.

PreK through 2nd grade classes often apply the project learning approach to on-campus service projects. They learn that by working together they have the ability to make a difference. By participating in service projects like helping to build a pre-school in South Africa, collecting shoes for orphans in Russia and donating money to buy books for a community library in Bolivia, these students learn that a community is not limited to the borders of its own neighborhood as they reach out to do God’s will half a world away.

Third grade focuses on Community Needs and includes activities centered on programs such as sustainability, composting and raising funds for children's needs in other countries.

As students reach 4th grade their experience becomes more sophisticated. Locally their learning service focus is supporting the nationally acclaimed Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas and adopting American soldiers serving in overseas combat.

See Lower School academics for more details.

Middle School (5th - 8th Grade)

While Middle School students take on various service projects throughout the year, including team building activities, serving meals to the homeless, activitely researching data pertaining to urban agriculture and local water quality and more, each grade has a specific service focus.

5th grade focuses on hunger and supports our long-standing relationship with the North Texas Food Bank. Students volunteer 35 hours per year.

6th grade focuses on literacy by supporting the Commit Program and as reading mentors to Cigarroa Elementary 3rd graders.

As students reach 7th grade their experience becomes more sophisticated; their class trip is a unique experience on Catalina Island off the south coast of California. The Catalina Environmental Leadership Program (CELP) educates the students on sustainability. Upon their return from CELP, students serve the Dallas Arboretum and take on the role as stewards of our school environment.

Students in the 8th grade focus on the elderly with visits to the Highland Springs Community. Likewise, as they round out their Middle School experience at Parish, they embark on their class trip to Washington, DC, a long-standing Parish tradition, to not only learn more about our nation's capital, but to but to honor those who have served our country, further demonstrating living a life of Integrity.

See Middle School academics for more details.

Upper School (9th - 12th Grade)

Our oldest students serve as amazing role models for the entire Parish community by giving of themselves in a variety of ways. Even though the community service graduation requirement is 60 hours, many students serve much more than that during their time at Parish.

As new members of the Parish Upper School, freshmen will be exposed to the many possibilities of service for our school and our local community. Students should think about how they can serve children, the elderly, the arts and environment as well as provide support and justice for special needs families and others facing homelessness, hunger, poverty, lack of education, sickness, abuse and more.

As they move through their Upper School experience, into the 10th grade and beyond, our students initiatives become more focused and guided by their passions and interests, both locally and globally.

See Upper School academics for more details.