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ParishDrives offers a convenient online class paired with in-car instruction that can be completed during your child's lunch and free periods. These two required parts can be completed at your own pace. ParishDrives is available to Parish students and those in the surrounding community.

Part 1: Online Course

The first component of our driver’s education program is a 32-hour online course which fulfills the Texas classroom requirement.

  • Coursework can be done at any time, from any computer or smart device with Internet connection.
  • Students may begin the online coursework as early as 14 years old.
  • Once a student turns 15, they can take their learner’s permit test online as well.
  • There’s no need to schedule testing at a DPS office, and no waiting in line.
    • Students who do not pass the permit test on the first try can retake it online immediately instead of having to reschedule weeks later at the DPS.

Part 2: Behind-the-wheel instruction

Once the classroom portion is complete and a permit has been obtained, students may begin the 14-hour behind-the-wheel course. This course fulfills instructor-led behind-the-wheel requirements set by the state of Texas.

  • Students complete this component with peers, each driving for seven hours and observing for an additional seven.
  • Parish has its own car equipped for driving instruction, helping parents keep their cars dent-free!
  • Driving sessions are typically scheduled during students' free periods and during lunch, leaving weekend and evening hours available for other activities.
    • Drive times may also be scheduled during non-school hours if families prefer, instructor schedule permitting.
    • Plus, parents don’t need to arrange their evenings around taking their students to and from driving school.

additional drive time

After completion of the course, the state requires an additional 20 hours of driving time under the supervision of an adult over 21, ten of which must be completed at night. Families may choose to purchase additional driving hours from ParishDrives should they prefer to complete these additional hours under the instruction of a driver's ed professional.

Questions? Email Andrew Jennings at for more information.




To enroll in ParishDrives please fill out this form. Please then download, fill out and send the ParishDrives contract to Andrew Jennings at Our online course provider will then contact you with next steps.

Pricing Breakdown

Online Course & Behind-The-Wheel Instruction


Online Course Only


Behind-The-Wheel Instruction Only


Additional Driving Hours

5 Hours - $250

10 Hours - $450

20 Hours - $800




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