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Parish Episcopal Celebrates Class of '16
Posted 05/24/2016 01:18PM

Before the Parish Episcopal School Class of ’16 rehearsed for graduation, they stopped by the Hillcrest campus for a special send-off on Wednesday, May 18. Lower School students cheered, waved signs and pom poms as the seniors paraded through the halls. The younger students wanted to show their support for seniors as they prepared for graduation and college. (Photo Gallery by Wiley Williams)

“That was really nice,” said Anna Pierce. “It shows that we as a school come together and participate in other activities.”

“I thought it was super cute,” added Zoe Castineiras ’16. “All of the kids were super excited, so I got excited and I started yelling with them, yay!”

“As a Lifer, I love being able to come back to this lower campus,” noted Sadler Shanafelt. 

“They did such a good job and they were so excited,” said Alexis Curts. “It was really cool because I started off in kindergarten at the lower campus so it was fun to come back here before we graduate.”

The congratulations walk not only honored the Class of ’16, but it also served as an inspiration to younger Parish students.

“It made me feel so old,” noted Jenny Gonzalez. “It made me happy that they can look up to us and be excited for when they’re ready to graduate.”

“I think it was awesome,” added Megan Huynh.  “It was great to see all of the kids because we usually don’t get to see them unless it’s a special occasion, so I think this was really nice.”

After the walk, seniors hopped onto buses and headed to graduation rehearsal at the Meyerson Symphony Center. It was a special moment for seniors who have been at Parish for the majority of their academic career.

“I’ve been at Parish for 13 years,” reminisced Chase Holzer. “It was nostalgic seeing my old teachers and being back on this campus.”

“Knowing that I’m leaving the Parish community is very bittersweet and overwhelming,” noted Sally Levine. “But I’m very excited for the next step.”

“It hasn’t hit me that I will be leaving my classmates after I graduate from Parish,” added Maxwell Zucker. “I’ve been with my classmates for four years, and it’s hard to imagine life without them.”

Although graduates will soon go their own way, they will always remain a part of the Parish Episcopal community.

“I am so happy I came to Parish, I love everybody,” said Douglas Tucker. “We are a family, though we are leaving, we will see each other again.”

“We’ve all spent so much time together, some of us Lifers, and some of us only being at Parish for a few years,” said Keaten Olsen. “I know that Parish has prepared us really well and our class will stay connected because of everything we’ve gone through together.”

“We will go our separate ways, but the great thing about the Parish community is that we will always be here for each other once we graduate,” added Zucker.

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