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Volunteer Spotlight: Diana Hamilton
Posted 04/08/2016 02:00PM

Coming off the successful 2016 Parish Gala, “Totally Parish,” Diana Hamilton (pictured center of 80's themed Gala photo at right) should be ready for a break, but she’s not. The Gala Chair and Parish parent is already thinking about how to help celebrate and raise money for our School next year. (See more "Totally Parish" Gala photos in the Part 1 & Part 2 online galleries.)

“It’s a lot of work, but working with people who love this school so much kept me energized,” said Diana. “I would absolutely, 100 percent, do it again.”

It’s a good thing her husband, Steve, and son, Tyler ‘19, understand her desire to volunteer. The annual gala takes countless hours and at least nine months of organizing and planning. It’s a labor of love that gives the entire Parish community a chance to unite, say thank you and raise much needed money for the School.

“I think it’s so important once a year to put on an amazing event where we can all get together,” she added.

Diana says she was flattered to be asked to chair the 2016 gala because she’s relatively new to Parish. Her son, who is now in 9th grade, entered Parish last school year, so this is only the second year for the Hamilton family to be a part of the community.

“I had a lot of years to catch up on,” joked Diana. “But I have met so many amazing people who love this school so much.”

Parish benefits tremendously from Diana’s creativity, dedication and enthusiasm. Her first volunteer role at Parish was with the 8th grade parent and student fellowship team. The experience gave her a chance to jump in and learn more about Parish and her son’s classmates. She had done a lot of volunteer work at her son’s previous school and was comfortable taking on a larger volunteer role at Parish this year.

“I was just so excited to have this opportunity to throw myself into the fire and do what I love to do,” stated Diana. “Fundraising is my passion and how I feel like I can give back to the community.”

Diana’s passion for serving has given her a chance to meet parents in all grades and the opportunity to get to know the faculty and staff that spend so much time with her son.

“Parish has the most welcoming people in the entire world; everyone is truly genuine,” maintained Diana.

The Hamilton family was drawn to Parish Episcopal School for the strong sense of community, but they also liked that Parish would challenge their son academically and still give him time to explore his love of sports.

“I loved the balance that Parish promoted and the School absolutely lives up to what they say,” noted Diana. “It’s a perfect fit for my son and we’re so happy to be here.”

Parish will always remain special to the Hamilton family because the faculty and staff really welcomed Tyler last year (2014-15 school year) and didn’t make him feel like the “new kid.” For that and many other reasons, Diana says the least she can do is volunteer her time to help take care of those who take such good care of our children.

“It’s a big decision deciding where to send your child to school,” continued Diana. “I would tell prospective parents that Parish absolutely stands behind the School’s mission statement.”

Diana says no volunteer job is too little and she believes there’s a role for everyone.

“I just don’t want people to think: I can only give an hour and that’s all I can give in an entire year. That’s okay. We’ll take your hour,” she added. "You will make a difference, I promise you!”



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