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Ice Castles: A cool collaboration
Posted 02/16/2016 05:06PM

The colorful objects floating in the bright pink kiddie pool looked like delectable treats, but they were really the ice cold creations of PreK 1 students at Parish Episcopal. The project called “Ice Castles” is part of the Tri 2 Parish myPanther Portfolio. (Photo gallery by Wiley Williams)

“This is a way for our little ones to discover more about the idea of states of matter,” said Emma Rodgers, PreK 1 teacher.
The project started at home and ended in the classroom. Students filled containers full of water and then added interesting objects, food coloring, candy, etc.

“We put them all together, essentially, creating a large “Ice Castle,’” noted Rodgers. “We experimented with different kinds of squirt bottles and used cold water, hot water and salt water,  predicting which would help the ice melt the quickest.”

This year, Alexis Curts, Class of ’16 helped with the project. She is in the Blair Fellows Program, a servant leadership program for Parish Upper School juniors and seniors. The program - named after Parish’s founder, Mary Loving Blair – gives students, interested in working with children, the opportunity to share their talents as teaching assistants in Lower School classrooms.

“It was fun,” said Curts. “The students were really curious about why the ice was melting and how it was melting. They had a great time.”


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