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Seniors lead first Legacy event of the year
Posted 10/09/2015 11:20AM

The first Parish Legacy event of the 2015-16 school year got off to a roaring start on Wednesday. The safari theme was a nod to the Middle School production of Lion King Jr.

Seniors, dressed in safari gear, led 54 Legacy groups in activities. Each one was assigned an animal: Wisdom – Zebras, Honor – Hippos and Service –Giraffes. Students in 1st through 12th grade, plus faculty and staff met with their legacy groups in the morning. They chatted with one another and made animal masks. Each person traced a hand on construction paper which was later added to a giant lion head to create a mane.

“I just love Legacy,” said Kenzie McPherson, Class of ’17.
“It’s so fun to see everyone, especially the little ones. It’s great,” she added.

After crafts, everyone piled into the Midway gym, placed their handprint art around the lion head and listened to senior Nick Weinman emcee the assembly. Students, faculty and staff wore their blue "Our Mission" t-shirts and sat together. They watched the Lion King Jr. players perform songs and display their elaborate costumes. Lions, antelopes, hyenas and zebras sang and danced among the sea of blue. Lower School students high fived and hugged their favorite Upper and Middle School Legacy family members. It was a great time to bond and build relationships in the new school year. (Check out the Legacy Photo Gallery)

What is Legacy and why does it matter?

Legacy was launched in 2007-2008 as a program for students in 1st through 12th grade. The goal: connect, interact, share talents and passions; develop camaraderie and mentoring relationships in the Parish Community. Legacy groups honor ParishLeads tenets by fostering relationships with the same group of students year after year.

“Faculty and staff are able to relate with one another across the divisions and campuses and with students from all grade levels,” said Becky Crawford, Director of Experiential Education and Service Learning for 3rd - 8th grade.

The Legacy program enhances the main strengths of our community: close-knit, connected and family oriented. Legacy activities are designed for those involved to gain an appreciation for Parish’s values, culture and spirit.

There are three Legacy days throughout the school year; a division is responsible for the Legacy event each trimester. Seniors typically start off the events in the fall with Community Culture and Spirit. Lower School leads in conjunction with our mission of Diversity and Inclusion during the winter trimester. Middle School takes charge during the spring trimester with our tenet of Service.

“The beauty of this program is to see a human grow. We experience the various stages of growth from entering as a nervous 1st grader to moving through the Middle School “moody years” to watching the Upper School students come into their own and extend their hand to help the younger Panthers along the way,” said Crawford. "It’s like a family, it takes years to develop, but well worth it.”

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