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Student Diversity Leadership Council inducts new members
Posted 10/02/2015 10:56AM

The are some new faces in the Student Diversity Leadership Council this year. Eleven excited students walked into the chapel on the morning of September 25, for the SDLC induction ceremony. They joined a group that strives to learn and enhance cultural competency skills - understanding and interacting respectfully with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

"Our goals this year include hosting an Upper School diversity conference, where student leaders will facilitate sessions,” said Tyneeta Canonge, Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

To join SDLC, students must complete an application and participate in diversity activities. Members must also express an interest or passion in the work that is done through SDLC.

“It feels really good to be inducted and have this prestigious pin on my lapel; to show the world and Parish that I can be the kind of person to give back to people," said Adam Bergman, Class of '17.

Bergman joins the thirty-one students that will participate in the council this year. Over the summer, the students worked 12 hours at Paul Quinn College in south Dallas, where Parish has developed a partnership with school and student leaders. There, they learned more about how to bring ideas to Parish.

SDLC will be running various events throughout the year including Diversity 101, an advisory based program where SDLC members discuss ideas to help promote cultural competency skills. The program will also help to foster conversations between students of different origins so that they can learn about new cultures.

"Diversity 101 is a curriculum that the original group of SDLC students developed to be taught through our Upper School advisory program," said Canonge. "The lessons this year involve topics such as, identity development, privilege and gender."

Other important programs that SDLC will be running this year include affinity groups. Two types of groups exist, Open Affinity and Individual Affinity. Open Affinity groups are for the entire Parish community. Members will discuss different topics such as how to avoid stereotypes. Individual affinity groups include Jewish, African American and Latina groups, M.E.S.A (Middle Eastern, South Asian) and AWARE, a student group that works toward social justice.

New inductees:

Adam Bergman, Class of ‘17

Sam Burns, Class of ‘19

Jad Charif, Class of ‘18

Lian Colby, Class of ‘17

Sydney Jackson, Class of ‘18

Catherine Masri, Class of ‘17

Jenna Narosov, Class of ‘17

Serena Ranmal, Class of ‘16

Joey Roffino, Class of ‘19

Erik Rogers, Class of ‘18

Ryan Sklar, Class of ‘16

By student reporter Chris Van Buskirk

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