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Middle School Students Create PSA's for ParishLeads Presentations
Posted 02/25/2015 01:41PM

Parish Middle school students studied the tenet of Honor in the ParishLeads framework and presented them during their advisory periods.

Public service announcements were created by the following 8th grade advisories: Acosta-CalvertBarnettGuilloryHerman,LovelandMakinsMcEwenSkillern and Stanton.

The phrases from the ParishLeads framework that each grade had to address were: 

5th – Align words and actions

    • What does it mean to “Align Your Words with Actions”?
    • In your daily life, how have you aligned your words with actions?
    • What does it look like when someone aligns their words with actions, and how is this honorable?

6th – Help others discover their passion

    • How can you help someone discover their passion? What are examples where you have seen this occur?
    • Why would you help someone discover their passion?
    • What actions would hinder someone from discovering or pursuing their passion? 

7th – Value diversity (pictured above)

    • What is “Diversity”? Is it important and why?
    • What does “Valuing Diversity” mean?
    • What are different kinds of Diversity at Parish? In Dallas? In the United States?
    • What does Diversity bring to our school? 

8th – Be courageous and resilient

    • What does it mean to be “Courageous and Resilient”?
    • Why is it important to demonstrate courage and resiliency with honor?
    • Share an example of someone who embodies honor, courage,  and/or resiliency.

To view the PSA's from each group, click the advisory listed below:


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