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Students Participate in Reimagine School Discussions
Posted 01/16/2015 06:32PM

Several Upper School Students were asked to participate in their own Reimagine School discussions with Head of School, Dave Monaco. The students were excited and truly invested in the activity, which asks questions like "What do you think Parish should look like in 2022?"

The students enthusiastically tackled questions about the skills required for tomorrow’s world, what they would preserve in Parish at 50, and how they would reimagine the school experience. Since these are high school students answering the questions, we also heard some funny ideas, including an ICEE machine in PAWS and a Puppy Room for stress relief. Click here to view the photo gallery.

Here are some highlights:

Skills They Envisioned Needing in the Future: 

-         Communication (oral, digital, and face to face)

-         Global awareness (broadly encompassing respect for diversity)

Things They Wished To Preserve About Parish:

-         Connection of students to teachers 

-         Diversity/inclusiveness 

Things They Would Like to See in the Reimagine Parish of 2022

Learning Schedule

-         More personalized schedules around ability or interest (including a “high school major”); move on when you are ready to move

-         Expand the year to spread out the intensity of courses

-         Athletic and arts practices built into the day’s schedule

Learning Content

-         More real world applications (internships; professionals in field brought to campus; skyping international students; math classes built off of real-world careers, like architecture; more “field trips” to see real world application of content; courses in life-skills such as financial management)

-         Foreign language taught to application in real world

Learning Spaces

-         More comfortable and warm learning environments (circular tables, moveable furniture; comfortable chairs/bean bags; more color in rooms)

-         Small study rooms (like the LINK labs for students to use)

-         Whiteboard walls


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