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Lower School Curriculum

With dedicated and passionate teachers, student-centered classrooms and an academically stimulating curriculum, our Lower School equips students with a solid foundational education and then goes much further to provide an exceptional learning experience.

Our curriculum is designed to engage each and every child in the arts, humanities and STEM, which is further emphasized in the Beasley STEM Center through hands-on, interactive centers and activities.


Our PreKindergarten students embrace a healthy curiosity about life and become proactive participants in the learning process through an integrated curriculum, center-oriented classrooms and “hands-on, minds-on” activities.

This is accomplished through our half-day core curriculum, yet is further enhanced by our full-day options with Afternoon PreK EXTEND offerings, in which students may enroll in any number of afternoons, thereby offering parents options for either half or full day PreK. The afternoon programs are fully integrated with the morning curriculum and utilize the same faculty for a seamless full day for those who select it.
Our core curriculum includes:
  • Language Arts - pre-reading, pre-writing and listening skills; expressive and receptive language development
  • Math - numeration, counting, measuring, patterning and graphing data
  • Science/Environment - observing, predicting, discovering, questioning, classifying and concluding
  • Weekly STEM classes in Beasley STEM Center
  • Social Studies/Cultural - multicultural awareness, careers and American heroes
  • Spanish - vocabulary and Latino culture
  • Technology - introduction to the computer as a tool for learning
  • Religion and Service - daily chapel, virtue of the month and outreach projects
  • Art & Music - self-expression and creativity
  • P.E./Motor Lab - gross motor skills, physical activity and teamwork


Primer is a unique transitional year between Kindergarten and 1st grade designed to give students the time and space for social, emotional and developmental growth in preparation for 1st grade.  Students have opportunities to explore, collaborate and build independence and self-help skills through the invigorating curriculum.  Students participate in whole group, small group and individual instruction for literacy and math to achieve personalization and differentiation.  Additionally, Parish has partnered with Texas Discovery Gardens in Fair Park to create customized field trips and learning experiences that enrich the students’ curriculum.  Students turning 6 years old after February 1st are eligible for Primer consideration.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

We understand that a child’s development and learning are integrated. Therefore, based on an emergent and integrated curriculum, Kindergarten through 2nd grade lessons are developed around students’ daily explorations that enable them to make connections across subject areas. 
  • Whole group, small group, and individual lessons and learning experiences in language arts, reading and math
  • Emphasis on oral and written communication skills
  • Writing Workshop
  • “Hands-on” and “Minds-on” activities and explorations, inquiry-based learning
  • Weekly STEM and technology classes at Beasley STEM Center 
  • Daily P.E. classes
  • Fine arts comprised of music and art
  • Daily chapel services
  • Spanish classes twice per week
  • Outreach projects to develop the students’ awareness to serve

3rd and 4th Grade

Building upon a solid, core curriculum of language arts, reading, mathematics, social studies and science, Parish 3rd and 4th grade students are encouraged to explore their possibilities.
Enrichment classes, such as Spanish, art, music, computer, religion (including Daily Chapel) and physical education, are an integral part of fostering students’ individual talents, as well as encouraging creativity and developing skills to lead a healthy, balanced life.
An emphasis on organization and study habits is also an important part of the 3rd and 4th grade program, as they promote independent, self-directed learning. As a complement to the curriculum, focus is given to developing students’ emerging understanding of the world at large through interaction with their peers as well as through community service.
In preparation for Middle School, the Lower School teachers encourage collaboration as well as individual responsibility. A major emphasis is in guiding each student to lead and serve with integrity and helping them become a positive influence in the school community.

Experiential Education & Community Service

One of the many unique and innovative attributes of a Parish education is our commitment to Experiential and Service Learning. These programs offer specific opportunities for students to enhance their learning beyond the classroom and to cultivate a sense of leadership and service through exploratory trips and purposeful activities.
Integrating experiential, service and leadership components with our academic curriculum creates a dynamic environment that:
  • Advances students’ knowledge of how the world works and creates opportunities to discover practical applications of classroom studies to solve real-life problems.
  • Offers age-appropriate opportunities to raise students’ awareness of local, national and global issues and to become actively contributing citizens.
  • Provides an environment to collaborate with peers while developing leadership skills.
  • Produces students who will positively impact the communities in which they will live and work.

The Experiential Education curriculum is purposely designed to focus on a different issue in each grade that aligns with what the students are learning in the classroom:

A child is never too young to learn to reach out to others through their caring efforts.

  • PreK - 2nd grade. Students will be introduced to community service through on-campus service learning. Throughout the year our students learning about our ParishServes causes by way of homilies and guest speakers from nonprofit agencies prior to events/drives. Their focal point will be a Hillcrest campus drive in the spring.
  • 3rd Grade. Community Needs
LocationLeadership & Service ActivitiesConnection to Curriculum
Recycling PlantParish Sustainability Initiative

Science - recycling

Dallas Arboretum Children's Adventure GardenComposting

Science - soil study
Social Studies - early American Colonial studies
Language Arts - poetry, writing

On-campusPennies for Guatemala Service Learning Day

Math - money
Spanish - culture

  • 4th Grade. Special Needs & Adopted Soldiers
LocationLeadership & Service ActivitiesConnection to Curriculum
Waco, TX
Texas Ranger Museum
Maybor Museum
Waco Mammoth Site
Texas history & science

Social Studies - Texas history
Math - measurement
Science - geology


Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for ChildrenParish Readers for Scottish Rite Program

Language Arts - writing, reading
Math - money


Bea's Kids Christmas Outreach
Veterans' Overseas Needs

Foster leadership & service to others


primer offered at lower elementary school

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