Parish Online Math Coaching
Summer 2018

Online Math Coaching

Have questions on your summer packet but you can’t attend the summer math packet class?  Want to brush up on your math skills and review concepts from last year but you won’t be in town this summer?  All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can receive online help from Parish math teacher, Caroline Robb, while at home or travelling!


Student and instructor will determine a mutually agreeable time for each session. The student will send a session request to the instructor via email.  The instructor will respond to all requests within 8 hours.


Grades:                9-12 and 8th grade Algebra


Instructor:           Caroline Robb


Dates online instruction is available:                 

June 18-22        All day

July 16-20         Afternoons and evenings

July 30-Aug 3    All day

Aug 6-10           Afternoons and evenings


*Additional instructors will be added as necessary


Cost:                     $200 for 4 – 30 minute sessions: 1 student

                             $250 for 4 – 30 minute sessions: 2 students

                             (joint sessions, $125 per student)