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Parish Virtual

ParishVirtual is committed to providing easily accessible, world-class learning opportunities in a blended setting by challenging students through vigorous coursework in a wide range of content areas.

Parish's online campus engages students in collaborative learning environments that inspire globally-minded students to think and create in meaningful ways. Students enrolled in courses at ParishVirtual develop learning capacities that align with the Practices of Definitive Preparation.

Please note that all registrations for ParishVirtual classes are processed through the Parish Summer online registration system

Registration for ParishVirtual will open in mid-February 2020. 

FAQs & Policies

What is ParishVirtual?

ParishVirtual is a platform for “blended” learning where classes have a mixture of 
online work and required face-to-face meetings at Parish.

When are classes held? Do I have to attend all classes? 

Classes are held throughout the summer. Students must attend a minimum number of classes to receive credit as indicated in each class description. Please check your summer schedules before registering.

What is the time commitment for a ParishVirtual class? 

Students should plan to spend five to seven hours per week online to complete each course. This is above and beyond the scheduled classroom time.

How do I register?

Registration for ParishVirtual is through the Parish Summer online registration system. Simply click the link below your desired class, and you will be redirected to the site. If you have any issues with registration, please email Marc Addington, Director of ParishVirtual, at maddington@parishepiscopal.org

How are ParishVirtual classes taught? 

Teachers use a wide range of materials from traditional texts to online resources and presentations at Parish. Classes are organized in Schoology, a Learning Management System, where the student can be directed to instructional materials as well as assessments and collaborative activities.

What are some keys to success? 

While teachers try to work around students’ schedules, we ask that students keep pace with the class. This requires students to plan ahead and work diligently to anticipate large stretches of time when they may be out of class. The beauty of a ParishVirtual course is that most of the work can be done asynchronously, when the student is ready. These courses are designed for self-paced learning and the majority of material is available for students from the first day of class so that they can work ahead.

Do students earn credit? 

Yes, students earn credit for these courses. These courses appear on the transcript year which they have most recently finished (not the following year), and the grades are calculated into their GPA. Elective courses receive .333 credits and yearlong courses receive one full credit. Once class starts at the end of May, students may not drop the course. Under extenuating circumstances, administration can approve a withdrawal which is recorded on the transcript. While courses do count towards graduation requirements, taking a course in the summer does not exempt a student from a full course load during the regular year. 

The exception to this rule is Honors Biology. Students who take Honors Biology in the summer are exempt from taking their year-long Biology course in the junior year. Students taking this pathway are encouraged to continue science study by taking AP Chemistry or AP Biology.

Can a non-Parish student take a ParishVirtual class?

Yes, non-Parish students may participate in ParishVirtual courses. If you are interested in registering, please contact Marc Addington at maddington@parishepiscopal.org. Prior to enrollment, ParishVirtual will require confirmation from the student’s current school attesting to the student’s good academic and behavioral standing. Upon successful course completion, Parish Episcopal School will issue a transcript and report card reflecting the course completed via ParishVirtual.

Can a student drop or withdraw from a ParishVirtual class?

The class descriptions and the registration system clearly state that summer schedules must be coordinated so that students can attend at least the minimum number of classes. That said, students may drop a ParishVirtual course in the spring without any academic penalty. Up to the second week of May, a student dropping the class will receive a refund minus a $50 processing charge. Thereafter, in the period before classes have started, a 50% refund will be offered. Once classes have started, students cannot drop the course but must withdraw. At the time of withdrawal a student’s grades will be assessed and the transcript will reflect a W/P (withdrawn while passing) or a W/F (withdrawn while failing). After the class has started, a class spot has been taken and a teacher has been engaged; therefore no refunds will be issued.

Contact ParishVirtual

Marc Addington,
Director of ParishVirtual