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Parish Lab

ParishLab is a resource for students to discover their learning styles, develop their strengths and practice study skills through application and exploration.

This class is available for 3rd-12th grade. It is best described via skill levels as opposed to classification by grade or age.

Students move with a natural fluidity through the levels as they gain, and sometimes lose and re-gain, the necessary tools to forge the foundation for their academic success. The essential goals of ParishLab, at all levels, include enhancement of study skills, self-advocacy and organizational focus.


ParishLab is Parish's in-school academic learning lab that offers access to qualified learning specialists for bright students who learn differently. ParishLab is a unique program offering supplemental assistance to capable students. It is a program where students will have the opportunity to build a strong foundation of academic self-confidence and a sense of competence. Students will be continually assessed throughout their participation. The goal of ParishLab is to help students establish themselves as independent learners. ParishLab is open daily from 7:00 to 4:00pm

Upper School Lab
Students will have the flexibility of attending ParishLab based on their availability according to their schedule. ParishLab will begin each day at 7am and be staffed until 4pm.

Middle School Lab
Students with an Individual Accommodation Plan on file may enroll during one morning elective and their study hall block, attending lab daily. Students may also choose to enroll in just one section, either their morning elective (5th and 6th grade only) or their afternoon study hall. Middle school students enrolled in lab will have access to lab before school and after school as well.

Lower School Lab
Students will attend lab on the recommendation of faculty, the Lower School Learning Specialist and administration. Lower School Lab will be offered during one morning block in the six day rotation, sessions will be 30 minutes.



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ParishLab classes are structured on a level system, and at any grade students can enter in and out of the levels of competency. ParishLab operates as either direct instruction or as individual and small group work between student(s) and learning specialists. During elective period instruction (for 3rd-8th grade students), discussion and reflection will focus on the skills of the respective level as it relates to the students in that grade. Level 1 direct instruction classes begin in 5th grade. Outside of scheduled instructional blocks, 5th-12th grade students receive guidance from learning specialists, as it relates to their level in the ParishLab skills, outlined below. Students are provided the opportunity in class to demonstrate these skills.

Lower School Lab: Midway Campus

  • Assist students in understanding a study skills system based on organization
  • Introduce students to executive functioning skills and initiate activities for development
  • Begin discussing academic self-confidence and age-appropriate skills for self-advocating
  • Familiarize students with the middle school classrooms, routine and faculty
  • Identify students projected to benefit from the ParishLab Middle School elective

Level 1: Mastering Mistakes

  • Examine the learning process by identifying student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn and implement successful study skills
  • Define Organization
  • Practice self-help and speaking-up to establish effective self advocacy
  • Demonstrate accountability and responsibility
  • Build a foundation for academic self-confidence
  • Collaborate and deliberate efficiently in a group process

Level 2: Sharpening the Skillset

  • Analysis of learning process and identification of personal learning style
  • Building on strengths and building up from our weaknesses
  • Learn and implement successful study skills and test prep
  • Apply and improve organization and establish habits and routine
  • Practice self advocacy, effective communication and accountability
  • Demonstrate responsibility

Level 3: Auto Pilot & Independence

  • Continued reflection on the development of the academic process
  • Analysis and discussion of study habits, routines and test prep; adjust as needed for success
  • Monitoring of grades, projects, papers, academic averages, missing assignments and faculty communication 

Level 4: Maintenance & Mentoring

  • Students are encouraged to continue honing their approach to the academic process
  • Continue to discuss successful study habits, routines, test prep, organization and self-advocacy 

Learning Specialists

Rob Kelton
Director ParishLab
Bellevue University 
For further information, please call 972.852.8730 or email

David Grelle
Middle School Learning Specialist
University of Northern Colorado - B.S.

Dr. Lynda Csaszar
Upper School Learning Specialist
Baylor University - B.A.
Texas Woman's University - M.Ed and PhD

Enrollment & Tuition

  • Upper School: Open enrollment, yearly tuition is $1600
  • Middle School: Registration for elective enrollment is in the spring. All other sections are open enrollment. Yearly tuition for two or more sections $1290. Yearly tuition for one section is $1060.
  • Lower School: Open enrollment, per trimester tuition is $285.

To learn more or start the enrollment process, please contact Rob Kelton, Director of ParishLab.


Contact ParishLab

Rob Kelton,
Director of Parish Lab