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Football is 1 of our 21 sports at Parish



Athletic Philosophy

The Athletic Department at Parish Episcopal School is designed to further the mission of the school using Athletics to build future leaders with an emphasis on excellence.

To be a model program that provides a high quality, well-rounded, experience exemplifying principles and practices that emphasize:


Assist and encourage student-athletes to take advantage of their academic opportunities and reach their potential.


Provide the facilities, coaches and resources necessary for individual student-athletes and the collective programs to reach their athletic potential.

Student-Athlete Welfare

Provide each student-athlete with the opportunity to grow both personally and socially, and enjoy a positive experience.


Promote a culture of diversity and inclusion while providing opportunities for the student-athletes on the basis of merit in a non-discriminatory manner.


Ensure equitable facilities, resources, participation and treatment without regard to gender or race.


Engage Parish, the community, former student-athletes and alumni in the philosophy of Parish Athletics.

School Relations

Engage the Parish community in furthering the Mission of Parish for the benefit of all students, administrators, faculty and staff.

Upcoming Games

Inside Parish Athletics

Teams and Schedules

Panthers in College

ParishEXTEND Athletic Academy

Opportunities for Parish's younger athletes to get involved in various sports.

I love to compete, against others and against myself - in the classroom, on the court, on the track and in the world at large. And, with the School in the highest level of TAPPS, I have the chance to compete against elite athletes. Parish is synonymous with opportunity... it has allowed me to find my niche in the community.. – Will Florence '18