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The Arts People

The Arts People Booster Club Mission

The Arts People (TAP) is the PARISHarts booster club that supports the arts in our Parish community. Parish parents, relatives, staff, and other supporters are welcome to join TAP.

Recognizing the significant impact the arts have on our community, culture, and school, TAP provides support to the many arts programs available to our students and within the broader Parish community. Our mission is two-fold: 1.) Promote awareness of all programs, productions, artwork, achievements, and activities; 2.) Provide financial assistance to PARISHarts through fund-raising, primarily with membership dues, that helps PARISHarts further enrich the lives of our students and the Parish community. 

The next two years will bring a new level of excitement for PARISHarts and the entire Parish community as we break ground on the Noble Family Performing Arts Center in 2019! Many children from all divisions for years to come will enjoy practicing, creating, displaying, and performing all manner of arts in this new venue, and The Arts People will continue supporting them into the future with a proud and strong membership!

PARISHarts programs:

  • Parish Rosettes (drill team)
  • Parish Drumline
  • Parish Dance
  • Essential Standards
  • Parish Band
  • Lower School/Middle School/Upper School Choirs
  • Theatre
  • Musical Theatre
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Speech/Debate
  • Photography
  • Film


Funding from TAP enabled:

  • Additional pipe and drape for the GPAC
  • Spaghetti Dinner for the All Choir Concert
  • Moveable walls for the Jonsson Gallery
  • Class manipulatives for the 3rd and 4th grade music classes
  • Funding for the film project "Ultimate" that Kevin Ash produced with Parish Film Students
  • $100,000 towards the Limitless Campaign
  • Chairs for Block Box Theater
  • Screen Printer for Visual Arts
  • Enlargers for US Photo Lab
  • Spring Dance Show Underwriting
  • Dance/Rosettes Winter Show Underwriting
  • Technology for LS Music Classes
  • Transportation for MS Choir Tour
  • Materials for MS/US Drumline
  • Dulcimer Kits for LS Music
  • iPad Air devices for LS Music
  • Timpani and Concert Chimes LS/MS Band


TAP puts on a variety of events that provide opportunities to experience the arts and stay connected. These events are coordinated by our TAP board members and volunteers.

Arts in the Community – Three to four times a year, TAP organizes activities for Parish families to experience art in the metroplex. Last year, TAP sponsored the following activities:

  • Tour of the SMU’s Meadows Museum to see the Dali exhibit
  • Family pottery class
  • Screening of the movie “Village Rockstars,” India’s submission for the Oscars
  • Docent-led tour of the Berthe Morisot exhibit at the DMA

TAPpy Hour – Every fall, TAP hosts a cocktail party to start the new school year. Open to all adult members of the Parish community, this event gives parents and faculty an opportunity to meet and catch up plus hear about the upcoming school year from Dr. Karl Reiss, Director of PARISHarts.

Arts Showcase – The TAP board along with member volunteers produce this annual PARISHarts school-wide celebration of student artwork. Parish families walk the two floors of the Great Hall to see them filled with beautiful art, hear the live music performances, and experience a sprinkling of other special activities. All of this, along with plenty of food and drinks, culminates in a celebration you’ll want to mark on your family calendar now! Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Yard signs supporting your child’s arts area of interest are available. Order here. Profits benefit the arts at Parish.


Q: Is your child in any of the numerous PARISHartsprograms?
AIf so, please consider joining The Arts People to help support the arts at Parish!

Q: Do you think Parish should continue to grow our strong arts program?
A: Then please show your support for expanding the opportunities available within PARISHarts by joining The Arts People!

Q: What is my commitment when i joined The Arts People?
A:. There are no obligations to join, and once signed up to be a part of TAP, the level of involvement is completely up to you. We thrive on the energy and excitement for the arts from our new volunteers and from our current members.   

The Arts People Board - 2019-20

Debbie Wiggans

Vice President
Rachel Fetter

Sharon Neibuhr

Haidy Karyna Johri

Jody Swartzwelder
Julie Welton

Elizabeth Zucker
Marla Buskin
Jagruti Anthony

Arts Showcase
Rachel Fetter

Arts in Community
Kathleen Ray
Anne Sincovec

Volunteer Coordinator
Paula Crumrine

Leslie Ritter