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The Arts People

Who are The Arts People?

The Arts People (TAP) are champions of the many arts opportunities at Parish, also known as Parisharts. This group of supporters makes a difference for the arts at Parish by promoting awareness of programs, achievements and activities, while offering assistance and funding to PARISHarts. The Arts People membership dues and fundraising go directly to specific needs throughout Parisharts as well as to the Limitless Campaign in efforts to elevate Parisharts and build the forthcoming Parish Performance & Community Center. TAP offers opportunities to experience the arts both at Parish and within the broader community. Also, TAP serves as a center of arts fellowship for Parish families and the PARISHarts faculty and staff.

Parents, relatives and other supporters are all welcome to join The Arts People. Joining at any level benefits arts programs at Parish.

Please consider joining or renewing your membership in The Arts People today.

Questions about The Arts People?

Q: Is your child in any of the numerous PARISHartsprograms?
AIf so, please consider joining The Arts People to help support the arts at Parish!

Q: Do you think Parish should continue to grow our strong arts program?
A: Then please show your support for expanding the opportunities available within PARISHarts by joining The Arts People!

Q: Have you experienced tickets to the musical selling out in about 30 minutes?
A: Joining The Arts People helps us raise funds to make the new venue a reality!

Q: What do I have to do if I join the Arts People?
A:. There are no obligations to join, and once signed up to be a part of TAP, the level of involvement is completely up to you. We thrive on the energy and excitement for the arts from our new volunteers and from our current members.   

Q: What has the Arts People done in the past year to support our kids?
A: Funding from TAP enabled:

  • Additional pipe and drape for the GPAC
  • Spaghetti Dinner for the All Choir Concert
  • Moveable walls for the Jonsson Gallery
  • Class manipulatives for the 3rd and 4th grade music classes
  • Funding for the film project "Ultimate" that Kevin Ash produced with Parish Film Students
  • $10,000 towards the Limitless Campaign
  • Chairs for Block Box Theater
  • Screen Printer for Visual Arts
  • Enlargers for US Photo Lab
  • Spring Dance Show Underwriting
  • Dance/Rosettes Winter Show Underwriting
  • Enlargers for US Photo Lab
  • Technology for LS Music Classes
  • Transportation for MS Choir Tour
  • Materials for MS/US Drumline
  • Dulcimer Kits for LS Music
  • iPad Air devices for LS Music
  • Timpani and Concert Chimes LS/MS Band

Order Yard Signs

Yard signs supporting your child’s arts area of interest are available. Order here. Profits benefit the arts at Parish.

TAP Board Members

Leslie Ritter

Vice President
Jody Swartzwelder

Jenn Riven

Haidy Karyna Johri

Julie Welton
Debbie Wiggans

Alyson Jackson
Phoebe Moore

Arts Showcase
Rachel Fetter

Arts in Community
Jagruti Anthony
Elizabeth Zucker

The Arts People Advisors
Alison Liddell
Kate Ward
Stacey Williams