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Music Lessons

ParishEXTEND offers after school private music lessons to help expose students to music and its benefits.

ParishEXTEND Private Music Ukulele StudentPrivate lessons allow students to focus on an instrument and are the fastest, most effective way for a student to progress in their musical studies. With a range of instruments offered, students have the option to choose their musical path according to their interests. Private music lessons are offered in 30 minute or one hour increments. We offer private lessons in guitar, piano, violin and voice at the Hillcrest campus. We offer clarinet, drums, flute, french horn, guitar, percussion, piano, trumpet and ukulele at the Midway campus.

Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas.

Should you have any questions regarding private music or you are an instructor interested in working with Parish students, please contact Nancy Powers.

Private Music Lesson Packages

4-Week Lessons (Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, Percussion)

Our four-week lessons are designed for Middle School and Upper School band students. These lessons are sold in four-week packages so that students can customize their time commitment. We currently offer lessons in the clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet and percussion.

Private instruction fees for four-week lessons begin at $35 for a 30-minute lesson each week. The overall cost depends on the length of lesson and instructor selected.

Available private music instructors, days and times can be reserved through the ParishEXTEND registration site. If you are unable to find a time that will fit your schedule, please fill out our Private Music Request form, and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Should you have any questions regarding private music or you are instructor interested in working with Parish students, please contact Nancy Powers.

Semester Lessons (Drum Set, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Violin, Voice)

ParishEXTEND currently offers semester lessons in drum set, flute, french horn, guitar, piano, trumpet, ukulele,violin and voice. Please note not all instruments are offered at both campuses. Private instruction fees for semester lessons are $40 for a 30-minute lesson each week of the semester. The overall cost depends on the day of the week, length of lesson and instructor selected.

Available private music instructors, days and times can be reserved through the ParishEXTEND registration site. If you are unable to find a time that will fit your schedule, please fill out our Private Music Request form, and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Should you have any questions regarding private music or you are instructor interested in working with Parish students, please contact Nancy Powers.


Lessons are available for beginners through advanced musicians, both students and adults. Lessons can be purchased in 30 minute to one-hour increments. Please reference the instructor list below.

Please review the Private Music policy below for detailed information. Music lessons for piano, guitar, violin, voice and drum set are enrolled and billed in the same way as Explorations, by the semester. Band instrument (flute, clarinet, percussion, saxophone, trumpet) private lessons are available in four week packages. If you have any questions, please let us know.

To request a private music lesson, please fill out our Private Music Request form. Should you have any questions regarding private music, please direct them to Nancy Powers


Midway Instructors

Kathleen Blank (trumpet)

Originally from Canandaigua, New York, Kathleen Blank graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor's of Music in Trumpet Performance. Kathleen spent the last three years in Texas working with Liberty High School as a private lesson and masterclass instructor. Kathleen is an alumna of the Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps, which has helped shaped her into the musician and educator she is today; valuing hard work, dedication, persistence and, most importantly, loving what you do.  

Packages Available: 4-Week Lessons

Melissa Camp (flute, french horn, trumpet)

Melissa Camp offers private lessons in flute, french horn and trumpet. Melissa is the Parish Episcopal School Middle and Upper School Band Director. 

Luke Colbert (clarinet, flute, saxophone)

Luke Colbert is a graduate student at the University of North Texas, pursuing a Masters of Music in Multiple Woodwind Specialization. Versed in saxophone, clarinet, flute, piano and organ, he has experience preparing and conducing choirs, chamber groups, wind ensembles and orchestras. Currently based in Denton, he makes his living as a freelance musician. He leads jazz combos and performs on solo piano, accompanies solo performers, plays traditional and contemporary church services, and plays in pit orchestras. He is an avid composer/arranger, writing charts for chamber groups, choirs, big bands and a variety of other ensembles. Luke Colbert holds a Bachelor's of Music in Saxophone Performance from University of the Pacific.

Plans Available: 4-Week Lessons

Alex Doolittle (percussion, drum set)

Alex Doolittle has been teaching percussion and drum set since 2010. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas (KU) where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a concentration in Jazz Studies. While in attendance, he received the 2016 Dick Wright Jazz Award and was a member of the KU Jazz Ensemble and various percussion ensembles. He has performed throughout the United States and released an EP album in 2017.

Plans Available: 4-Week Lessons (percussion), Semester Lessons (drum set)


James Tarbutton (guitar, piano, ukulele)

James Tarbutton is originally from Tyler, Texas and began studying piano at five and guitar at 12. He received his bachelor’s degree from UT-Tyler and also holds a Master of Music from SMU where he studied under the direction of Robert Guthrie. James is an accomplished classical guitarist who has participated in several master classes with performers such as Pepe Romero, David Russell and Sharon Isbin. He has taught at community colleges and high schools and is currently the musical director at Iglesia Christana Génesis in Rowlett.

Plans Available: Semester Lessons

Hillcrest Instructors

Kathleen Parsons (piano, violin)

Kathleen Parsons has more than 25 years of music teaching experience including work with both the Dallas and Richardson independent school districts. Kathleen graduated from SMU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education, and she continues her study of music through seminars and workshops offered by the Piano Pedagogy department at SMU. She is an accomplished musician having played with the Dallas Civic Symphony, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and the Tulsa Philharmonic. She is currently the Director of Handbell Ministries at First United Methodist Church and is often an accompanist for Parish events including chapels and Christmas pageants.

Plans Available: Semester Lessons

Riley King (voice)

Riley King is the Hillcrest Music director and has a passion for training the early and developing voices of Parish’s younger students. Riley holds a Bachelor of Vocal Music Education from Southeast Missouri State where she was a member of the university’s choir, the Choral Union and the Southeast Opera. She is a member of the Texas Music Educators Association and the National Association for Music Education. She specializes in creating fun, hands-on learning experiences utilizing both the Orff and Kodály methodologies. In addition to providing vocal coaching, Riley also directs the Hillcrest choir.

Plans Available: Semester Lessons


Private Music Policy 2018-19

Welcome to ParishEXTEND private music instruction. Performance skill and comprehensive music knowledge are the goals of our lessons. In order to provide you with the highest standard of instruction, we ask that you meet the terms of the following private studio policy. Instruction is available on both the Midway and Hillcrest campus. Instruments include: Guitar, Percussion (Midway only), Piano, Ukulele (Midway only), Violin (Hillcrest only) and Voice.


Students will join our extended care program at no charge before their designated lesson time. They will have time for homework (if applicable), enjoy their snack (brought from home) and enjoy some supervised free-time. Students will be escorted to their lesson by ParishEXTEND staff.

Midway - Please plan on picking up your child at the designated end time. If care is needed after their lesson time ends please register for extended care.  Hillcrest - Pick up your child from the Snyder building. If care is needed after their lesson, please sign up for extended care.

If students are arriving at their lesson from home, please drop off and pick up on time.  Hillcrest students should be dropped off in the Snyder building (building closest to Spring Valley). Staff will walk them to the lesson. Midway students should be dropped off in the atrium to check-in with staff and staff will walk them to the lesson.


Private instruction fees are $35-$40 per 30 minute lesson. Semester prices depend on the day of the week selected as well as the instructor. Lessons are billed for the semester but may be paid over several months through a payment plan.

Tuition does not include music, study materials and/or supplies. Appropriate materials are chosen by instructor to fit the needs of each individual student. The student or parent is  responsible for purchasing materials.


Please make sure that your child arrives punctually with all necessary materials. We are unable to extend the lesson times of students who arrive late.

Absences should be communicated to extend@parishepiscopal.org. Missed lessons are not rescheduled. In the event of lessons cancelled due to teacher illness or emergencies, the lesson fee will be credited back to your account.


The private music registration is a financial commitment for the entire semester. Instructors schedule their time, other students and commitments around the lesson time. If you do decide to withdraw from the lesson, there is no refund.


The goal of ParishEXTEND is to provide a well-balanced musical education to all students. Studying music can be enjoyable, rewarding and can become a lifelong skill, but it takes commitment from the parents as well as the teacher and student. This commitment is necessary for success.

Teacher’s Responsibilities

  • Develop the student’s enthusiasm, respect and genuine love for music
  • Provide high quality, well prepared lessons and a positive learning environment
  • Discover the uniqueness of each student and respect differences of musical taste and personality
  • Help students learn how to practice, encourage and motivate students to practice
  • Demonstrate a love of music
  • Respect students’ opinions and value their creativity
  • Create a studio atmosphere where students are free to feel comfortable and confident, able to recognize both the seriousness and fun of study
  • Encourage communication between student/parent and teacher, answer any questions, help to solve problems

Student’s Responsibilities

  • Arrive at each lesson with the week's assignment completed
  • Bring assignment notebooks, theory binders and music books to each lesson
  • Practice for the length of time necessary to meet goals as determined by the student and teacher
  • Follow directions in class and at home
  • Ask questions
  • Keep a positive attitude

Parent’s Responsibilities

  • Provide a tuned instrument in a well-lit area as free from distractions as possible
  • Pay for lessons according to your payment plan
  • Encourage good practice habits. Provide daily praise and encouragement. A set time each day works well. Younger students should have daily supervised practice if possible, completing the assigned homework.

Contact ParishEXTEND


Hillcrest - 972.852.8829
Midway - 972.852.8801

Music Dates:

ParishEXTEND Music Lessons are now in session. Please contact extend@parishepiscopal.org should you wish to join mid-semester.

  •  - PreK-4th Parent/Teacher Conferences - No Lessons

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