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ParishEXTEND offers a robust and dynamic catalog of after-school Exploration programs that complement the academic school day.

ParishEXTEND Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Explorations will be available in mid-July and registration will open on July 16, 2019. Should you need assistance navigating the listings, please email us at extend@parishepiscopal.org.


Contact ParishEXTEND


Hillcrest - 972.852.8829
Midway - 972.852.8801

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Adult Classes

ParishEXTEND also offers classes for adults. You too can learn to paint or practice your golf swing. Fall 2019 classes will be posted in mid-July.

Policies & Procedures


Q. How do I register for Explorations?
A. You may register for Explorations through the ParishEXTEND registration site. Extended care is offered the following ways: all fall days, by the day of the week for fall, or individual days. If you do not have a ParishEXTEND account, please create one here. Please note that your ParishEXTEND account, login and password are unique to ParishEXTEND and are not the same as your myPARISH portal login.

Q. What is the late fee policy?
A. If a child is not picked up by 6:00pm from extended care or at the conclusion of Explorations’ carpool, you will be assessed a late fee according to our late fee scale. Repeated or excessive late arrivals will result in the implementation of an accelerated fee structure. Please see details below.

Q. Who do I contact with schedule changes?
A. Please email EXTEND@parishepiscopal.org with schedule changes.

Q. Do you offer payment plans?
A. We offer payment plans via your ParishEXTEND account. Follow the prompts in the system to set up your plan.

Q. What is your payment policy?
A. Payment(s) must be made or scheduled at the time of registration. You are financially responsible for all days for which you are registered, whether or not your student attends or if school is unexpectedly canceled (for instance, due to inclement weather). If you have outstanding debts in a given program, your child may not participate  until you have settled your account. You may pay online through your account or by check to the EXTEND Office, sent to Parish Episcopal School.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. If you wish to cancel a ParishEXTEND program or transfer your reservation to a different program, you must do so in writing by 9:00am on the day following the first Exploration class. Please send your written notice to EXTEND@parishepiscopal.org. Should your child's withdrawal or absence from a class bring the total number of students below the minimum number required for the class to proceed, you will not be refunded or permitted to transfer your tuition to another class. If your child’s withdrawal does not impact the ability of the class to run and is received on time, you will only be responsible for the cost of the class/lesson taken, and the remainder of your payment will be refunded or applied to another class.

Q. How do I add the name of someone who may pick up my child?
A. You can add an authorized adult to pick up your child through your ParishEXTEND account. They will be required to present their driver’s license upon pickup.

Q. What grade do I select for my Primer child?
A. Please select 1st Grade for your Primer student's grade level in your account.

Q. Where do I pick up my child from Explorations at Hillcrest?
A. Exploration carpools take place at the Snyder building as classes are dismissed. Please enter from the Hillcrest lot and pull around to the Spring Valley lot as you would for daily 3:00pm carpool. Children are loaded on the driver’s side (curb side) of the vehicle. Children cannot be loaded on the passenger side (parking lot/driveway side) of the vehicle. You may pull forward to an empty parking space to secure them in their seats. For the safety of the students, parents may not walk up during carpool.

Q. Where do I pick up my child from Explorations at Midway?
A. Students in Explorations and/or Extended Care are signed out at the Lower School library by an authorized adult. Students in 5th-6th grade may sign themselves out with written permission from their parent. Students in 7th grade and above may sign themselves out.

Q. If I register for an Exploration, do I need to register for Extended Care as well?
A. If you are registering for an Exploration class and need care beyond that class time, please also register for Extended Care for the same day. Please use the following discount codes at checkout that correlate to your desired day:  MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI. This will apply a 20% discount to Extended Care for that day. You can use as many codes as apply. If an Exploration is selected for every day of the week, you may use the code EXP for the discount. For questions about extended care or discounts, please email EXTEND@parishepiscopal.org.

Q. What is your inclement weather policy?
A. If inclement weather occurs during Extended Care or Explorations, the Head of School will make the cancellation decision, and you will be contacted through the Parish communications system with further information.

Q. Will outdoor sports classes continue if it rains or is too cold? 
A.  If your child has opted for a sports class taking place outside, please ensure that s/he brings appropriate clothing and a water bottle. Should the weather be too cold, wet or hot, we will move indoors for alternative athletic activities (teamwork games, cooperative activities, strength training, etc.). You will not receive a refund or credit if we are unable to play outdoors.

Please Note:
Students are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures of Parish Episcopal School. Parish Episcopal School reserves the right to dismiss any student whose behavior poses a discipline problem. No refunds will be issued for any student who is asked to withdraw.

Late Fee Schedule

Extended Care Late Fees 2018-19

1-5 Occurrence(s) 6-10 Occurrences 11+ Occurrences
1-10 minutes late $10 1-10 minutes late $50 1-10 minutes late $100
11-30 minutes late $30 11-30 minutes late $75 11-30 minutes late $125
31-45 minutes late $45 31-45 minutes late $80 31-45 minutes late $150
46-60 minutes late $60 46-60 minutes late $100 46-60 minutes late $175