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US Community Service

Our oldest students serve as inspiring role models for the entire Parish community by giving of themselves in a variety of ways. Within the framework of ParishLeads, the School strives to empower students to become globally-minded servant leaders. As young people of impact, students align their words and actions by forging relationships with the local and broader community, expanding their responsibility as global citizens. While the community service requirement for graduation* is 60 hours, many students serve much more than that during their time at Parish.

Freshman: Service Possibilities

As new members of the Parish Upper School, freshmen will be exposed to service opportunities for our school and local community. Freshmen may serve up to eight hours of service at Parish. Conversely, students must serve at least seven hours away from school working with local agencies, totaling fifteen hours of service. These hours may be completed over the summer before the freshman year with approved agencies.

Sophomore: Local Causes

There are many local service agencies that rely heavily on volunteer support. During the sophomore year, students will work with local agencies external to Parish. Volunteering in the DFW area enriches the lives of others while building a stronger community.

Junior: Servant Leadership

During the junior year (or the summer prior) each junior will fulfill their graduation requirement through a servant leadership experience to include fifteen hours of service and a project/event that is geared to benefit those whom they serve. This experience is designed to use the gifts of the juniors to better the lives of others. Individually, students will complete one of the three types of servant leadership experiences listed below, along with a presentation to be shared with the US community. All students must submit their proposal and receive approval prior to beginning the project.

Option A: Creative Project
Students will propose and execute a project that is geared to help others by using one’s passion and gift (i.e. sports clinic with special need children).

Option B: Local Relationship
Students may partner with agencies connected with Parish, serving their clients and organizing an event/activity to further the mission of the agency.

Option C: Global Outreach
Student will partner with a world-wide organization/cause to bring awareness of the organization’s mission to the Parish community. Students will subsequently support this organization by creating and executing a fundraiser external to Parish.

Senior: Extending Beyond

Seniors are required to complete an additional fifteen hours of service for the organization they supported through their Junior Servant Leadership experience. Additionally, beginning in the fall of 2014, seniors will be required to present on their ongoing experiences at these organizations during the Service Extension Convention.