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CenterED is intended to significantly elevate our commitment to mental wellness/brain health curriculum and engagement in an educational environment. The educational portion of this program will be delivered in partnership with Grant Halliburton Foundation, a local nonprofit organization with a successful track record for helping families and young people recognize and respond to the signs of mental health conditions through a variety of avenues including education, collaboration and encouragement. 

Every day, our students are bombarded with pressures and crises and in some cases they are ill-equipped emotionally to handle them. The result can be stress, relationship problems, anger, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other serious mental health issues.

Our eighteen-year-olds should be just as happy to come to school as our eight-year-olds.– Dave Monaco, Allen Meyer Family Head of School

As with any major public health issue, education is the critical first step toward stemming the rising tide of mental health conditions. We are more committed than ever to the mental well-being of our students, faculty and the great Parish community.


We aim to enhance our educational approach with the emotional well-being of students in mind. We tend to spend a lot of time focusing on our physical health, from the neck down. It is time to put equal emphasis on our mental health, from the neck up.


Too many students are struggling with the pressures of a rapidly shifting societal landscape and an increasingly complex, digital environment.


We intend to engage the Parish community in a unified effort to ensure the mental wellness of students, by reinforcing a positive mindset across all constituents. As we carry forward the message of Reimagine School for the modern learner, we will move toward a balanced, mentally healthy student body that will further thrive in a supportive educational environment, featuring skills focus, authentic learning experiences, student agency and optimized levels of challenge.


Aligned with Parish tenets of Wisdom, Honor and Service, the successful implementation of the CenterED program with help our students feel better prepared for the future, understanding that their best chance for success is a product of social and emotional well-being as well as academic excellence. This reinforces our aspirations for our students to become confident, engaged learners who are self-aware, resilient, empathetic and other-centered.