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Student Support Services

In the modern world of education, how you teach a child can be as important as what you teach a child. The Support Staff at Parish is dedicated to assisting the teachers as they provide an enriched and vigorous curriculum in a warm and nurturing environment. Parish values the uniqueness of each of our students, and we realize the important and influential impact we have in their day-to-day lives. Through a team approach, we provide the optimal resources for students to develop academically, emotionally and socially.

Student Advisory

All Middle and Upper School students are assigned to a grade-specific advisory.

A goal of the advisory program is to ensure that students have a substantial, meaningful connection to a faculty member. The strength of the relationship between students and faculty is one of the hallmarks of the Parish experience, differentiating our school from many others.

Advisories meet on a daily basis for 20 minutes to discuss upcoming events, student life and academic planning. Advisors tend to the individual emotional, developmental and educational needs of each student in their advisories, as well as serve as liaisons and resources for parents.

Academic Assistance: Learning Specialists

The purpose of the academic assistance program at Parish is to ensure that each individual student’s learning needs are addressed to help meet the unique and vigorous challenges of the Parish curriculum with success and a sense of competence. Academic assistance is available to any student who is having academic difficulty at Parish, with a particular focus on identifying and serving students with learning differences. 

Qualified Parish Learning Specialists are available to address and make recommendations for individual learning needs to help students meet the academic challenges of the School's curriculum and better succeed in school.

Sonja Painter 
Lower School Learning Specialist (PreK - 4th grade)
University of Wyoming - B.A.
University of Texas at Austin - M.A. 

David Grelle
Middle School Learning Specialist (5th - 8th grade)
University of Northern Colorado - B.S.

Dr. Lynda Csaszar
Upper School Learning Specialist (9th - 12th grade)
Baylor University - B.A.
Texas Woman's University - M.Ed. and Ph.D.

In some instances the Learning Specialist will need to investigate a student’s academic challenges through a more detailed process, which may include student observation, teacher input, parent input and/or screening instruments. When the results indicate a need for additional intervention, the Learning Specialist will provide recommendations for outside services that may include academic coaches (in collaboration with ParishLink), diagnosticians or other professionals.

Students with diagnosed learning differences may qualify for accommodations in their academic program. Once the outside evaluation is recieved, the Learning Specialist will write and implement an Individual Accomodation Plan (IAP), and monitor the student's progress as appropriate.

*All students, including students diagnosed with a learning difference, must meet the same requirements for admission and promotion at Parish Episcopal School.

Academic Assistance: ParishLab

ParishLab is an additional resource for 3rd through 12th grade students to develop mindsets, learning styles, their strengths and practice study skills through application and exploration. 

To learn more or start the enrollment process,
please contact Rob Kelton, Director of ParishLab.

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Academic Assistance: ParishLINK

At Parish, we appreciate that students learn differently and at times may require an additional academic resource to help with the process. ParishLink can assist families by connecting parents and students to qualified, fully screened academic coaches. 

The ParishLink team works together with each student, his or her family, the academic coach and the Parish faculty to ensure that a communication link exists to fully support student progress and success.      

If you are interested in whether or not your child is eligible to receive tutoring on campus through ParishLink, your division’s Learning Specialist and the Director of ParishLink will guide you through the available options and process

Stephanie Pearson
Associate Director of Auxiliary Programs

centerED for Social and Emotional Counseling

Counseling services are provided in each of our three divisions (Lower School, Middle School and Upper School) by a full-time licensed counselor specific to the division. Counselors are available to students, parents, faculty and staff to offer support and guidance.

The counselor in each division provides personal counseling to individuals, serves as a resource for social and emotional concerns, conducts classes and/or small groups, provides parent education and makes referrals to off-campus professionals and agencies.

Elaine Charles, M.A., LPC-S
Social Emotional Counselor
PreK - 2nd Grade
Dallas Theological Seminary – M.A.
College of Charleston – B.S.

Ashley Childs, M.S., LPC
Social Emotional Counselor
3rd - 8th Grade 
Loyola University of New Orleans – M.S.
Florida A&M University – B.S

Michelle Murray, Ph.D.
Social Emotional Counselor
Upper School 
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas – Ph.D.
Southern Methodist University – B.A. 


centerED for Social and Emotional Counseling

Centered logo for social and emotional counseling.

CenterED is intended to significantly elevate our commitment to mental wellness/brain health curriculum and engagement in an educational environment.