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Definitively Preparing Your Student

The ParishProfile articulates Parish's belief that in today’s world, information is no longer a commodity. It is not how much a student knows that matters, but what a student can do with that information. 

At Parish, we believe the complex and interconnected world of today requires a more nuanced definition of preparation and we are leading the charge in shifting the conversation from “college prep” to “life ready.”

We expect each Parish student will be able to - think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate purposefully and create meaningfully.

Practices of Definitive Preparation

Our instructional practices and assessments consistently and creatively ask students to demonstrate these enduring skills which, once mastered, will have them prepared not only for college but also to succeed in the rapidly changing world they will lead.

MyPanther e.portfolio

The MyPanther e.portfolio captures and catalogues examples of student work demonstrating mastery of the Practices as progress through our program. They eventually assume more responsibility for maintaining their e.portfolio, gaining invaluable experience establishing a healthy digital profile for college and beyond.


At Parish Episcopal School, we have developed strong college preparatory curricula and innovative programs that equip our students for success in academic life, and in every other aspect of life as well.