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Forging young people of impact

What is leadership? To us, it's more than titles, popularity and transcript-buidling. It's about being a person of impact.

What do young people of impact do? 

  • They are forces for good.
  • They enrich the life of another.
  • They enhance the performance of a class, team, cast or group.
  • They identify problems or opportunities and galvanize followers to bring lasting change.

At Parish, we believe each of our students, from PreK - 12th grade, is positioned to lead and learn to be a young person of impact.  

In concert with the ParishLeads program, our faculty and staff pursue this quest with the same zeal and enthusiasm as they teach their classes. It is central to our purpose and a source of genuine passion in our community. We build young people not only of intellect, but of heart and spirit as well.

ParishLeads features common language and a recognizable framework unique to Parish yet supported by current research and best practices in the field of leadership studies. Centered on our tenets of Wisdom, Honor andService, ParishLeads unites our community in a common understanding of what it means to be a person of impact.

ParishLeads on a daily basis

Parish is not satisfied patching together a loosely aligned network of leadership advisory activities here, student government experience there, and a leadership class or two for those who might be interested. Instead, through ParishLeads, we have created a comprehensive and systematic program which every Parish student experiences - a broad, rich and closely aligned array of:

  • coursework
  • homeroom/advisory programming
  • experiential programming 
  • chapel programming

Leadership Institute

Beginning in the sophomore year, Parish’s Leadership Institute offers a more comprehensive exposure to instruction and experiences in leadership for a select group of interested and committed upper school students with a recognized aptitude in this area.

Leadership Institute

Students accepted into the Leadership Institute during their freshman year commit to three years of leadership coursework, experiential activities and projects.