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MS Experiential and Service Learning

One of the many unique and innovative attributes of a Parish education is our commitment to Experiential and Service Learning in Middle School. These programs offer specific opportunities for students to enhance their learning beyond the classroom and to cultivate a sense of leadership and service through exploratory trips and purposeful activities.

The cohesive programming of experiential and service components, our strong academic curriculum and the development of each student’s strengths and passions through ParishLeads creates a dynamic environment that helps prepare every student to be a young person of impact.

The experiential education curriculum is purposely designed to focus on a different issue in each grade that aligns with what the students are learning in the classroom.

5th Grade: Hunger

Experience Leadership or Service Activities Connection to Curriculum
Collin County 
Adventure Camp

Anna, TX
Team Building

Social skills, bonding
Problem solving
Science - field studies

Enterprise City Leadership Skills

Math, Spanish, Humanities

North Texas Food Bank* Food Drive
Volunteering time at NTFB

Humanities - poverty
Math - data collection
Health - nutrition

*The focus on hunger supports our long-standing relationship (more than 30 years) with the North Texas Food Bank.

6th Grade: Literacy

Experience Leadership or Service Activities Connection to Curriculum
Group Dynamix Event Center
Carrollton, TX
Team Building

Social skills
Problem solving

Hindu/Buddhist Temple

Cultural background to India, China


Dallas Museum of Art

Japanese studies, Art of Asia & Pacific


Perot Museum

Rocks & Minerals, Energy, Weather


7th Grade: Sustainability

As students reach 7th grade their experience becomes more sophisticated; their class trip is a unique experience on Catalina Island off the south coast of California. The Catalina Environmental Leadership Program educates the students on sustainability and Fosters Innovation in Teaching and Learning by leveraging technology, personal relationships and community partnerships.

Here's a video glimpse into our Catalina Trip

Experience Leadership or Service Activities Connection to Curriculum
Catalina Environmental Leadership Program 
Catalina, CA
Parish Sustainability Program

Science - life sciences, sustainability


Dallas Arboretum

Local environmental studies

Service, Science, Math

On-campus  Earth Week, Parish Garden, composting, year round education

Science - botany, invertebrates; Math - measurement; service; sustainability



8th Grade: Elderly, Veterans and Leadership

As students reach 8th grade their experience becomes more sophisticated; their class trip is a long-standing Parish tradition of traveling to Washington, DC and supports all of the principle attributes Parish seeks to instill in its students, especially Living in a Culture of Integrity by reaching out to people in need. 

Experience Leadership or Service Activities Connection to Curriculum

Highland Springs

Partner with Elderly 

Service to others

Nation's Capital Washington, D.C. Firsthand experiences and information gathering; honoring veterans at Arlington National Cemetery

Social Studies - American History Humanities - Holocaust literature


George Allen Courthouse 

Mock Trials 



Lead Veterans Day Chapel

Collection for Homeless Veterans Services of Dallas

ParishPals, on-campus mentor program with 5th grade 

  Social Studies - 20th & 21st centuries, American Wars

Lead with integrity 


Catalina Island

Parish 7th graders take a trip to Catalina Island to understand their impact on the environment.


In 7th grade, students visit Catalina Island at the end of October and participate in the ​Catalina​ ​Environmental​ ​Leadership​ ​Program​ ​(CELP).

At CELP, students are guided through a series of land and sea explorations, each aimed to bring about a greater understanding and connectedness to self, others and the environment.

Washington D.C.

Eighth graders visiting Washington DC.

In 8th grade, students travel to our nation's capital in March. They visit museums, memorials and participate in a wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.