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MS Curriculum

During the Middle School years, Parish offers a challenging and balanced education. Our broad curriculum for 5th through 8th grade encompasses core academic subjects as well as enrichment courses and independent learning designed to expand our students’ purview as they discover the talents and passions that they can build upon throughout their academic career and life.

Parish allows you every opportunity to own your experience and education.
– Jason Devening, Middle School Parent


Middle School Humanities is a core academic course integrating literature, history, expository and creative writing, current events, geography, religion, philosophy, and art. Students develop critical thinking skills by making conceptual connections within a wide range of subject matter, which in turn aids students in forming a tolerant, enthusiastic approach to the range of cultures in our world. A weekly schedule of five double-periods and additional "plus" periods allows students more than twice as long in one room with one teacher, thus acting as a bridge from lower to upper school and establishing a comfortable “home base” within the middle school community. This block schedule also provides maximum flexibility for experiential and project-based learning as well as the opportunity to focus on developing strong writing skills.



The Middle School Math program develops critical thinking skills while emphasizing logic, reasoning and problem solving. Emphasis is placed on developing written and oral communication skills using the language of mathematics. The program includes computational skills, algebraic concepts, proportional reasoning and geometry. Students progress through personalized learning paths tailored to their individual needs. Students are required to show mastery before progressing from one unit to the next.


Science is a laboratory-based experience that uses content to teach the skills and processes of science. The disciplines of life, earth, physical and environmental science are explored via activities and research projects that emphasize how the scientific process works, data collection and use of the latest web-based and experimental technology. The goal is to develop students who can effectively use the scientific process and reflect upon the effects of science in their daily lives. 


Technology is both integrated throughout the core curriculum by adapting existing assignments and/or developing new ones and also offered in Computer Studies enrichment classes.  Primary emphasis is given to expanding students’ technology proficiency and challenging their problem solving and critical thinking skills.  Tools used include applications in the Microsoft Office suite and in Adobe’s suite of creative products. Online applications include Google Apps for Education (Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets, etc.), sites with instruction and practice in coding, and other online resources.  Responsible digital use and Internet research are also addressed.

World Languages

The World Language experience includes 5th and 6th grade Spanish and a choice of Spanish or Latin for 7th and 8th grade students. The focus of Spanish is communication – listening, speaking, reading and writing – and being able to use the language both at school and outside of school. The culture and customs of Spanish-speaking countries around the world are also explored. Likewise, Interactive Language Labs are used in 6th - 8th grade classes to enhance and reinforce listening and speaking skills. Latin helps students to better understand their own language and cultivates appreciation for a language which has influenced so many others.


Middle School offers a wide array of enrichment courses designed to teach valuable life skills and to challenge students to discover their talents and passions. Courses include both required and elective offerings.

Required Enrichment Classes

  • I. C.A.N. Innovate (Coding and Design thinking)
  • Technology Boot Camp
  • Ethics
  • Parish Inc. (Entrepreneurism and Technological)
  • Public Speaking
  • Developmental Health
  • Community Service
  • World Religions

Elective Offerings

  • Visual Arts and Ceramics
  • Music
  • Choir
  • Band
  • Theater and Musical Theater
  • Dance
  • Parish Jr. Dance Company
  • First Lego League Robotics
  • R2U2 Robotics
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Music
  • PantherTech (Coding and Technology)
  • ParishExplore
  • Civil Engineering
  • MAKE
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Reverse Engineering

Physical Education

At Parish we believe that Physical Education is an integral and essential component of a balanced curriculum. The main objectives are to enhance students’ physical fitness and well-being, to create lifelong habits of physical activity and wellness, to implement the true meaning of teamwork and to have fun.