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Center for College and Life Planning

College counseling at Parish is a personalized, student-centered program that educates parents and students extensively about preparing for college, the college search process, completing applications and, ultimately, selecting a college.

College counseling encompasses all four years of Upper School, with the degree of guidance increasing and becoming more specialized as students advance from 9th through 12th grade.

Our award-winning college counselors help students discover college or university communities that will best serve their academic and personal growth.

Communication with families happens through group meetings with parents and students, letters and emails, publications, the Parish website and, most importantly, in individual guidance sessions.

Samantha Suchala - Counselor, Center for College and Life Planning  972.852.8748

Langston Ross - Counselor, Center for College and Life Planning  972.852.8790

Ingrid Torres - Counselor, Center for College and Life Planning  972.852.8793

Transcript FAQ

If you are a former student/alumnus who would like to request a transcript, please fill out the registrar's online request form.

Current students should email Center for College and Life Planning for all college-related transcript requests.  Requests for other purposes (Driver’s Ed, insurance discounts, etc.) can be made by visiting the registrar's online request form.

  • Transcripts will only be processed through the registrar’s office. Requests made through other offices will not be sent. Requests must be made on the official transcript request form. Email and phone requests will not be honored (the only exception to this is current, enrolled seniors whose transcripts are sent through the college guidance office).
  • Unofficial and official transcripts are free to current students and Parish graduates within 4 years of their graduation date. Copies of unofficial grades are available online to current students and parents.
  • Fees: $5/transcript for non-current students and graduates beginning 4 years after their graduation date. Payment is due prior to processing.
  • Official transcripts are never released to students, parents or individuals but mailed directly to schools or institutions. Only students (or parents/legal guardians for students under 18 years of age) may request that transcripts be sent out.
  • Requests will be processed within 5 business days during the academic year; 10 business days in the summer months (June-August).
  • Other official records such as PSAT scores, immunization records, SSN, and previous school transcripts should be requested from the issuer. Parish will not send anything other than report cards and transcripts from student files.
  • Students who withdraw from Parish will only have grades and transcripts sent when they have been cleared of all record holds. These are requested through the student withdrawal form (also through the registrar’s office). When the student enrolls at another school, the new school will request official records through their registrar’s office. Official records will not be released to parents for withdrawal purposes.

Fill out the online request form, or if you have questions, you can e-mail the registrar.

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