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Dave Monaco's Blog

Welcome to From My Angle, the blog of a life-long educator, a husband and a father of three boys. It is also my privilege to serve as Head of School at Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas.

This blog reflects my passions: emerging issues in the ever-changing world of education, leadership and leadership development, and living life with the intent to be a person of impact.  I invite you to share perspectives “from your angle” on the issues and items I post to my blog!

An Eventful April
Courtney Joyner

Not all of my days are like the ones I experienced between Wednesday, April 4th and Thursday, April 12th. A Head of School’s life often features a wide variety of activities and a dose of the unexpected, but rarely does it pack the type of stimulating public events the Parish community and I had a chance to be enriched by this month.

The Hero's Treasure
Courtney Joyner

I penned these words over nine months ago as the journey of the new school year was about to begin. My motives were many. On the one hand, I wished to challenge the Parish community to see the new academic year as a quest, one that offered opportunities to answer the call to grow, explore and discover. My yearlong theme of “quest” also provided a context within which to view the work our school community has been doing since 2014; together, we have chosen to reimagine thoughtfully the type of personalized and dynamic learning experiences that best and most healthily prepare our students for the “complex global society” referred to in Parish’s mission statement.