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Careers at Parish

Rewarding Opportunities and Jobs for Passionate, Gifted People

As we seek to shape and enrich the lives of the students in our community, Parish Episcopal School offers rewarding professional opportunities in teaching and staff positions.

We search for faculty members who possess a passion for their subject area(s), eagerness to build meaningful relationships with those they teach and recognition of the importance of contemplation and reflection in the educational process.

If you are committed to purposeful work and possess a spirit of innovation and possibility, we invite you to learn more about Parish through our website and to apply for an appropriate position.

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Employment Opportunities

Nauslar Distinguished Service Award

Winners of the Nauslar Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to the inaugural winners -Catherine Sentell (Primer), Gina Wallace (Admission) and Chris Burns (5th Grade Humanities)!

The award is given to full-time faculty and staff members who have "demonstrated a commitment to excellence characterized by a nurturing spirit and evident care for students and the Parish community, and an alignment with our established criterion for professional excellence."

If you're interested in applying, please click on the appropriate button below to submit your resume and cover letter.

Application Process

Parish Episcopal School accepts inquiries of interest and resumes via the School employment e-mail address (  We regret that due to the extremely high volume of inquiries we receive, we simply cannot reply to phone inquiries.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL the personnel office.  We will process employment application materials as quickly as possible. 

You will receive acknowledgement of our receipt of your application. Should the search committee feel that your qualifications meet the needs of a specific position, you will be notified for further follow-up. Please understand that since we receive over 1,500 resumes annually, we cannot interview every candidate. Resumes will be kept on file until the beginning of the following school year.

Salaries are negotiated with the Head of School at the time of a job offer and are based on a candidate's experience and qualifications, thus we are unable to speculate about a particular position's salary.

Employee Benefits

Parish Episcopal School is a member of the ISAS Group Benefit Trust Plan and offers the same medical, dental and vision coverage as ISAS accredited schools who participate in this Trust.

Salary. Salaries are based on a candidate’s experience and qualifications.

Health and Dental Insurance. Group health and dental insurance are available to full-time employees (30 hours or more). The school pays a portion of the employees’ individual premium as well as a percentage of the spouse/dependent premium.

Retirement Benefits. The School sponsors Tax Deferred Annuity Plan (IRS 403(b)) with TIAA for all employees who work 20 hours or more. Employee contributions are welcome anytime after the date of employment and contributions are immediately vested at 100%. The School will match employee contributions based on completed years of service.  Contributions are based on employee's base salary.  

Completed Years of Service         Match up to
               0-9 Years                               5%    
            10-14 Years                              6%
            15-19 Years                              7%
              20+ Years                               8%

Flexible Spending Account. An FSA allows an employee to set aside a portion of his or her earnings to pay for unreimbursed medical expenses and dependent care up to the IRS allowablecontribution limit. Money deducted from an employee's pay into an FSA is not subject to payroll taxes, resulting in a substantial payroll tax savings.

Health Savings Account.  An HSA allows an employee to set aside a portion of his or her earnings to pay for unreimbursed medical expenses. This plan is only available to employees who participate in the CDHP (high-deductible) medical plan.  The school will contribute $1,500 (annually) to the employees HSA plan if enrolled in the CDHP medical plan. Employees may also contribute pre-tax dollars up to the IRS allowable contribution limit. Money deducted from an employee's pay into an FSA is not subject to payroll taxes, resulting in a substantial payroll tax savings. 

Vision Insurance. Vision Insurance is available for all full-time employees. The low-cost premium is paid by the employee.

Life Insurance. The School provides each full and half-time employee with an amount equal to the employee’s annual base salary, up to a maximum of $150,000. Additional employee-paid voluntary life insurance is available (up to an additional $500,000).

Long-Term Disability Income Plan. Long-term disability income provides financial protection by paying a percentage of your income if you are disabled. This plan is available for employees who work 20 or more hours. Benefit: 60% of monthly earnings to a maximum benefit of $10,000 per month. The elimination period is 90 days.

Additional/Supplemental Insurance. The School offers supplemental insurance policies through Aflac. This is voluntary employee-paid supplemental insurance available to all employees.

Admission for Children (3 years-12th grade) of Faculty/Staff. Faculty and staff wishing to have their children (3 years and older) attend Parish Episcopal School, may apply online via our Admission process.

Tuition Remission Policy. All full-time (30 or more hours) employees of Parish Episcopal School will receive 50% tuition remission per family for each child1 (limited to 3) who is admitted or currently attends the School in grades pre-kindergarten (full-time2) – 12th grade.

This policy will be administered as follows:

  • Tuition Remission applies to tuition only (refer to tuition schedule available in enrollment information).
  • If tuition is not paid in full by the first specified tuition due date, it must be paid by ACH (automatic bank draft per the enrollment contract) or payroll deductions (12-month schedule).

1A child is defined as any individual for whom the employee is financially responsible.

2A full-time pre-kindergarten student is defined as a student enrolled in both the morning and afternoon class, 5 days per week.

Childcare for Infants/Toddlers (8 weeks–3 years) of Faculty/Staff. The Parish Episcopal School Child Development Center (Parish CDC) is an on-campus (located on the Midway Campus), licensed child care center available to school and church employees who have children 8 weeks to 3 years of age. All employees who use the Parish CDC pay a weekly fee to help off-set the School’s cost of running this program as a service to its employees.

Professional Development/Staff Development Guidelines. The School encourages professional development and will facilitate attendance at conferences and workshops. Requests are approved by your direct division head.

Teacher Endowment. Through generous gifts from friends of Parish, the School has monies available for employees who desire to further their education. Employees wishing to request teacher endowment funds are required to discuss such requests with their division head and followed the procedures outlined in the Employee Reference Handbook.

The School believes that each individual is entitled to equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status or any other characteristic protected under federal, state, or local anti-discrimination laws. The School’s equal employment opportunity practices extend to recruitment, hiring, selection, compensation, benefits, transfer, promotion, training, discipline, and all other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment. All Employees are responsible for complying with the School’s equal employment opportunity policy.