ParishAbroad is an education program that seeks to raise the global competency of Parish students through purposeful and meaningful travel.

Global Competency
Creating globally compentent students rests on a curricular foundation that spans all subject areas, particularly social studies, history, world languages and the visual and performing arts. To achieve our purpose, we have created a three-dimensional approach to developing global competency.

  • Create a postive disposition toward cultural differences and a framework of global values to engage those differences.
  • An ability to speak world languages at advanced levels; Reaching fluency in another language allows one to enter into another culture with a depth and cultural understanding impossible without that skill.
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of world history and geography, and of the global dimensions of topics such as health, climate change, economics, and of the process of globalization itself. 

Travel Opportunities in ParishAbroad
ParishAbroad breaks the barrier between the classroom and the 'real world'. These trips are led by Parish faculty, so students can see their own teachers leading trips, teaching and learning alongside them. This type of permeability enhances the impact of the program on the students as well as the classroom.

Parish students will have three (3) distinct travel opportunities.

Global Leadership Program (Summer)

In an exclusive partnership with the World Leadership School, Parish students travel to Mumbai, India. This travel opportunity is for students who have a passion for service and leadership.

Cultural & Linguistic Immersion (Summer)

This program offers students an insight into Spain or France's language, history and culture from an insider's perspective.

Spring Break Europe Trip (Spring Break)

This program offers students an opportunity to travel with peers on a cultural trip to Europe. The trip locations will vary.

primer offered at lower elementary school

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