Theatre is offered at the curricular level beginning in 5th grade and through Parish EXTEND for students as young as 4 years old. In addition, each academic year, PARISHarts holds open auditions for Middle and Upper School Musicals, and a wide variety of plays.

    • TueMar28 Parish Dance Company Choreography Showcase 12:05 PMLGMR

Extracurricular Activities

The Parish Rosettes Drill Team is just one example of the extracurricular arts programs offered at Parish. These girls support Panther Athletics as well as put on a full length dance show in the Winter.


Dance at Parish begins as young as 18 months and permeates all the way through 12th grade. It is offered both as a curricular and extracurricular option as well as in the summer and afterschool ParishEXTEND program. At Parish, we believe the skills and knowledge learned in dance help students develop meaningful concepts of self, human relationships and their physical environments.


With over 100 students in the Middle School Band program, PARISHarts continues to enhance the educational experience of our students through music.

Parish students take home SAFF scholarship prizes for one-minute, day in the life of, smartphone videos

The third annual DFW South Asian Film Festival (SAFF), held in Addison March 3 – 5, teamed up with Parish Episcopal School to find out what a day in the life is like for their 9th – 12th graders. Upper School students were invited to enter a one-minute smartphone video for a chance to win a $750 scholarship (for 1st place) from SAFF. Students were recognized Saturday morning during the SAFF showing of India in A Day, India's first crowdsourced feature film and the film that inspired the contest.

1st place: Maggie Bossalini ‘18, Day in Parish    
2nd place: Jack Love ‘18, Go Panthers  
3rd place: Rachel Bloom ‘18, Following the Sun_ Side A; Emma Román accepted on behalf of Bloom who was taking her ACT during the presentation.

Other entries included:
Adam Bergman ‘17, 2017 The Senior Scramble  
Nicole Rodgers ‘19, A Day in the Life of a Competitive Cheerleader  
Emma Román ‘18, Following the Sun_ Side B - Time for Bubble Tea

Parish has been a proud sponsor of SAFF for the past three years and congratulates the Festival on another successful year. Congratulations also to all of the students for their remarkable look at a day in their lives.

Parish Sings!

In a given year, PARISHarts produces more than 70 student performances!

Through the Independent Study Program students are given opportunities to further their knowledge and experiences in a particular discipline. The teacher in the discipline develops a curriculum for the study personalized to the passions of that particular student.


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