Academy of Global Studies

Today’s complex and interconnected world presents significant challenges. Will the next generation be informed and prepared enough to identify and implement solutions to these challenges?

Academy of Global Studies (AGS), launched in 2011, represents one of Parish’s signature programs which tailor learning to the specific interests of its students. AGS affords a select group of Upper School students the opportunity to direct their passion for global issues into generating meaningful solutions for the challenges facing the world today. It stands to produce a corps of globally-attuned graduates prepared to be the impactful international leaders of tomorrow.

Students are accepted to the Academy of Global Studies as rising ninth graders and engage in a four-year program which complements their experience in our traditional course of study. 

The four components of AGS 


AGS Coursework includes:

  • a freshman seminar on global issues
  • a senior capstone course
  • summer reading and writing on self-selected global topics in the student’s particular area of interest
  • a "Link" assignment where the student connects concepts studied in a core course to the global issue he has chosen to study in depth.

Community Service

AGS students will orient the 15 hours of community service expected of all Parish students toward an internationally-focused service organization. Various opportunities exist through the AGS service experience for students to create their own service or non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Extra-curricular Experiences

AGS has forged strong partnerships with various organizations, including the DFW World Affairs Council, the Bush Library and Museum, and other internationally oriented organizations. Through these partnerships, educational opportunities in the form of speakers, conferences and workshops are made available to AGS students, both as Parish hosts events on campus and via attendance at events across the Metroplex. 

AGS students are expected to be members of Parish’s Junior World Affairs Council and to participate in a designated number of these approved educational activities each year.

The following list represents just a sample of the speakers that Parish has recently sponsored on campus through our partnerships:

  • Walheed Rashid, Co-founder of the Egyptian April 6th Youth Movement
  • Evan Thomas, Ferris Professor of Journalism, Princeton University
  • Ryan Crocker, U.S. Career Ambassador

Capstone Project

The AGS Capstone Project represents the culmination of a student’s three-year investigation of a topic of choice. AGS students work closely throughout their sophomore and junior years with a Capstone Committee comprised of Parish faculty members. With the active involvement of this committee, a student:

  • identifies a global issue of interest
  • generates an annotated bibliography of resources
  • crafts a thesis
  • writes a capstone paper
  • creates a capstone project

Besides a comprehensive research paper that aligns closely with Parish’s commitment to foster critical thinking, creativity and cogent communication, AGS students are given the freedom to select the form in which the final Capstone Project will be presented to the Capstone Committee. The final demonstration will reflect the emerging skills and passions of the student. Options include:

  • Digitally rendered presentations
  • artistic expressions
  • product prototypes
  • public service announcement
  • short documentary films

Parish and the Academy of Global Studies are proud to call the following local and national organizations partners as we provide rich programming opportunities for our students and the broader community.


Note: AGS students who successfully attain specific expectations (meeting capstone benchmark requirements; designated internationally-oriented community service hours; participation in identified enrichment activities) will be recognized with an endorsement on their transcript and diploma.

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