Theatre is offered at the curricular level beginning in 5th grade and through Parish EXTEND for students as young as 4 years old. In addition, each academic year, PARISHarts holds open auditions for Middle and Upper School Musicals, and a wide variety of plays.

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Extracurricular Activities

The Parish Rosettes Drill Team is just one example of the extracurricular arts programs offered at Parish. These girls support Panther Athletics as well as put on a full length dance show in the Winter.


Dance at Parish begins as young as 18 months and permeates all the way through 12th grade. It is offered both as a curricular and extracurricular option as well as in the summer and afterschool ParishEXTEND program. At Parish, we believe the skills and knowledge learned in dance help students develop meaningful concepts of self, human relationships and their physical environments.


With over 100 students in the Middle School Band program, PARISHarts continues to enhance the educational experience of our students through music.

Parish inducts new members into International Thespian Society.

16 Upper School students are among the newest members of the International Thespian Society (ITS), an honor society for theatre students. To become a member, students must complete more than one hundred hours of acting or production work and be recognized for their academic excellence. Parish students in ITS Troupe 7292 were inducted during a ceremony on Tuesday, May 9. (Photo Gallery by Wiley Williams)

Contributions to the theatre department are measured in thespian “points” with each point representing 10 hours of work in the theatre department. The honorees include four new Honor Thespians (600 hours), one National Honor Thespian (1200 hours) and one International Honor Thespian (1800 hours).

Additionally, ITS honors a student’s academic achievements. Junior and senior thespians who have maintained a 3.0 GPA or higher during their first three years of Upper School earn the distinction of a Scholar Pin. If they maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher they earn a Vice President’s Scholar Pin and if they maintain a 4.0 or greater GPA they earn a President’s Scholar Pin.

Graduating Seniors

Wallis Dean              1310 hours     National Honor Thespian – President’s List Scholar
Natalie Andrews        520 hours                 
Osbaldo Meza            420 hours
Elizabeth McIlyar       260 hours  
Michael Griffin           160 hours          

Other seniors making significant contributions, but not inducted, include: Kiyah Willis and Audrey Legate, both of whom contributed over 100 hours to the theatre program; and Mason Chen and JC Lyon performed in major productions.
Much of the hard work that keeps the thespian society going is done by the officers. Not only do they run each monthly meeting, but they organize the various activities and programs that the Thespian Society is in charge of during the year.

2017 officers

President: Emma Román
Vice President: Wallis Dean
Secretary: Rachel Wilson
Scribe: Sarah Wang
Treasurer: Samantha Yates

Congratulations to Thespian Troupe No: 7292 and the newest members.

Jordan Busch          100 hours            
Lauren Chappell      100 hours
Kerra Markham       120 hours             Vice President’s List Scholar
Nicole Gillette          160 hours             President’s List Scholar
Julia Griffin             160 hours
Kate Kelly               160 hours
Sarah Siddons         160 hours
Taylor Payton          178 hours
Marley Evans           180 hours
Sela Grays              200 hours             Vice President’s List Scholar
Alex Pechersky        260 hours
Josephine Zucker     260 hours
Claire Williams         330 hours
Lainey Brown           335 hours
Vivienne Verges       390 hours
Osbaldo Meza          420 hours


Parish Sings!

In a given year, PARISHarts produces more than 70 student performances!

Through the Independent Study Program students are given opportunities to further their knowledge and experiences in a particular discipline. The teacher in the discipline develops a curriculum for the study personalized to the passions of that particular student.

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